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How Much Protein Do You Need to Eat to Lose Weight? Here’s Your Answer

Posted by Healthy Truth on

Protein is one of the most important building blocks in our body. Your body needs protein to build and repair tissues, make enzymes and hormones, and keep your hair and nails strong. It’s also a macronutrient, alongside carbohydrates and fat, that is usually monitored in people who are trying to lose weight. It helps you feel fuller for longer and requires more calories to digest, which makes it the perfect ally for shedding those last few pounds.

A common question is how much protein you should eat if you’re trying to lose weight. People often wonder if they should be eating more than the normal recommendation in order to reach their goals. But it’s not an easy, one-off answer; there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to protein and weight loss. Below we answered some common questions that will likely help you along your way. Keep in mind that you should always speak to a doctor or medical professional before you make any major changes in your diet.

How Much Protein Should You Be Eating?

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) suggests that you eat 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight, which approximately comes out to 0.36 grams per pound. For the average man who lead fairly sedentary lives, that equals about 56 grams of protein, and for the average woman with a sedentary lifestyle, it’s 46 grams of protein a day.

This amount isn’t necessarily what you’re supposed to eat every day. Rather, it’s the basic nutritional requirement of protein your body needs to function normally and not get sick. The average American consumer about 16 percent of their daily calories from protein, which many experts say isn’t enough so we’re encouraged to eat more. However, the game changes a little when the goal becomes weight loss.

Should You Eat More Protein If You’re Trying to Lose Weight?

The short answer is, yes, you should increase your protein intake if you’re trying to lose weight. Protein helps you feel fuller for longer and the body burns more calories digesting protein than any other macronutrient. When you make protein 25-30 percent of your daily calorie intake, you could boost your metabolism up to 80-100 calories a day. One study even showed that increasing protein intake to 25 percent of daily calories prevented the participants from snacking late at night and reduced obsessive food thoughts by 60 percent. Still not convinced? A study proved that women who increased their protein intake to 30 percent of their daily calories ate 441 fewer calories per day and lost 11 pounds in 12 weeks. And they didn’t change any other part of their diet or lifestyle.

Experts suggest you make about 35 percent of your daily calories a protein source. This helps you lose more body fat and burn more calories when resting. Make sure your protein is coming from high-quality sources, though. If you’re eating very processed forms of protein, you’ll end up doing more harm than good for your body. Try Healthy Truth GO PRO Protein Powder Blend. It’s fully plant-based and made with the highest quality of ingredients. For only 150 calories you’ll get 14 grams of whole-food protein!

What Are the Dangers of Eating Too Much Protein?

There is certainly such a thing as eating too much protein. Although there isn’t a ton of evidence strongly linking these together, it’s suggested that kidney disease and osteoporosis can be the result of a diet too high in protein. Besides, when you eat too much protein you likely end up reducing the amount of other macronutrients or micronutrients your body needs to thrive, which could end up causing damage to your body. 

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