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3 Unconventional Recipes Using Protein Powder

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In this week's #truthfultuesday we're thinking BEYOND the smoothie, when it comes to Protein Powder. We're getting creative in the kitchen with three (vegan) healthy recipes for alternative uses of our Go Pro protein powder!

In this video, we'll uncover: 

  • Alternative Uses For Protein Powder
  • Three Easy to Make Recipes
  • Why our Go Pro protein powder is a clean, healthy, tasty protein 
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Top Healthy Travel Snacks (and the truth behind airplane food!)

In this week's truthful Tuesday, we discover the truth behind airplane food and discuss our go-to healthy snack options to pack and bring with you that are actually TSA approved! Plus - do you know what happens to your digestive system while flying? Hint: sprouted nuts will actually HELP you out!Our crunches, nuts, bars & dried fruits are our [...]

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Benefits of Sunflower Seeds + 3 Recipe Ideas!

Sunflower seeds are only good for baseball games, right? Think again! Although they may have been onto something, because sunflower seeds are an incredible source of Vitamin E and have high anti-inflammatory properties.  Even better, just 1/4 cup = 6g of protein, making them the perfect pre and post-workout snack! Learn more about the full benefits [...]

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Truthful Tuesday: Sprouted Nuts vs. Raw Nuts

What most people don’t realize is that the nutritional value of store bought nuts varies greatly, depending on how they are processed. If nuts are roasted, they can lose most of their nutritional benefits. Raw nuts contain highly beneficial proteins, minerals, and healthy fats that are essential to good health, BUT did you know that if nuts undergo a [...]

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Truthful Tuesdays: Tackling The Difference Between Cacao and Cocoa

Here at Healthy Truth, we believe in clean labeling and telling the TRUTH about what goes into the foods you're putting in your body. This week we're tackling the difference between cacao and cocoa. While the two may sound similar, there's a big difference — especially when it comes to your health. Learn all about why we're crushing on cacao [...]

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A Guilt Free Football Sunday with Healthy Truth!

It's Football (Superbowl) Sunday, and not-so-healthy eats like pizza, buffalo wings and chips are calling your name (even though you know you'll pay the price later)!  No fear; you can still indulge in your favorites without the guilt.  We've healthied up your go-to game-day bites with products like our Salt & Vinegar, Buffalo Ranch and Pizza Nut Clusters so you [...]

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Top Health Tips from the Healthy Truth Team

Taking the first step to making health and wellness a top priority in your life is always a hard step to take!  But it doesn't have to be.  Hear what our team has to say about what their tried and true tips are to taking that first step.From trying new foods, to paying attention to [...]

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Truthful Tuesdays: The Truth Behind Hidden Sugars with Live Free Warrior Sara Quiriconi

We at Healthy Truth are on a mission to make clean, healthy eating affordable and attainable to everyone. And a part of that mission is empowering you as the consumer to learn the truth behind the ingredients you're putting in your body.  With clean labeling and simple ingredients made from real foods, we say no thanks [...]

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Snacks & Powders for Optimal Athletic Performance

Healthy Truth snacks and powders help athletes fuel their performance. Our products help boost energy, aid in recovery and fight inflammation. ENERGY / PRE-WORKOUT A delicious mix of protein, healthy carbs and sprouted nuts give a boost of energy pre-workout. GO GREEN Powder: Provides sustained energy with supergreen mix. Packed with authentic Japanese matcha (natural energy boost), beet root powder [...]

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Kickstart Your New Year with the Happy Truth Year Cleanse!

New Year, TRUE you! As part of our Happy Truth Year campaign, we encourage you to reflect on what staying TRUE to yourself means to you — be it with food choices, health, wellness, career, or even relationships.  After all, we believe that we can all benefit from being true to ourselves and doing what makes us the [...]

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