Here’s How Many Calories You Should Eat If You Want to Lose Weight  — and Keep It Off
Here’s How Many Calories You Should Eat If You Want to Lose Weight — and Keep It Off

There are likely many people you know who are currently trying to lose weight. In fact, it’s estimated that 45 million American adults each year change their diet in an attempt to lose weight, and Ame ...

Jun 9th 2019

These Are the Absolute Best 6 Sources of Plant-Based Protein

In the United States, one in three children born after the year 2000 is either overweight or obese. With the obesity rate increasing, more and more people are seeking new methods to adopt a healthy li ...

Jun 7th 2019

What Does Organic REALLY Mean, Anyway? Here’s the Info You Need Before You Go Shopping

Organic is one of the many buzzwords that come up in people’s heads when they go grocery shopping. We’re told that organic is better, that organic will help us live healthier lives, that organic will ...

Jun 4th 2019

Ever Wonder If Sweating Can Actually Help You Lose Weight? Here’s Your Answer

There are tons of different methods out there when it comes to weight loss. People are willing to try just about anything in order to lose weight. They’ll swear off carbohydrates forever, fast fo ...

Jun 3rd 2019

6 Healthy Breakfast Foods That Will Turn You Into a Morning Person

The first meal of the day will set the tone for how you feel and how you function. Many of us with busy day-to-day lives are wondering how to get our hands on healthy breakfast food, especially w ...

Jun 1st 2019

9 Effective and Easy Tips to Help You Lose Weight — and Keep It Off

There are lots of reasons why you might want to lose weight. If you have been significantly obese or overweight for a long time, you might have worries about what the excess weight could be doing to y ...

May 31st 2019

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