If You’re a Woman Who’s Trying to Lose Weight, You Need to Hear These Tips

About half of the adult population in the United States is trying to lose weight, according to a 2018 survey. Women are statistically more likely to be dieting than their male counterparts, so it’s li ...

May 30th 2019

Yes, It Is Possible to Lose Fat Around Your Stomach — Here’s How

The age-old question that just about every trainer has gotten at some point in their career is, how do I get rid of belly fat? It’s an important question that is about so much more than aesthetics. Yo ...

May 28th 2019

​Is Whey Protein Bad For You? You Need to Read This Before Your Next Protein Shake

Protein is a major macronutrient our body needs to survive and it’s particularly important to help the body recover after a tough workout and build lean muscle. Many people reach for a protein shake a ...

May 25th 2019

Can Intermittent Fasting Really Help You Lose Weight? We Lay Out the Facts You Need to Know

There are all sorts of diet trends out there today, from the keto diet to raw vegan to the carnivore diet. Intermittent fasting is a dietary method that has been attracting a ton of attention lately, ...

May 25th 2019

The 1 Tip You Need to Hear If You Want to Lose Body Fat Faster

Losing weight and trying to shed body fat can be some of the most difficult tasks you’ll face in your lifetime. It takes discipline and hard work to achieve big changes with your physique. Because wei ...

May 25th 2019

​What Is the Keto Diet Anyway and Should You Try It? Here Are Your Answers

The keto diet is a fat buzzword flying around these days. You’ve probably heard about it from your coworkers, seen a few memes about it online, or seen keto-approved snacks at Whole Foods last time ...

May 24th 2019

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