Shape Your Shoulders, Back, and Arms With This Killer Workout

Posted by Healthy Truth on Aug 4th 2019

 You know that exercising is just as important to your day-to-day life as your diet. That’s why we like to share workouts with you that you can do when you’re at the gym — or at home if you have the equipment. This workout is great for beginners, but you can always make it more difficult if you’re more experienced in the gym.

All you’ll need is either a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells for this workout. We’ve mixed in some bodyweight and weighted movements to make it the perfect comprehensive session for your upper body. Remember to check in with your doctor before starting any kind of new workout program.

The following exercises make up a circuit. Start with 5-10 minutes of light cardio and dynamic stretching before you get going. Go through the whole list of exercises once, then rest for about one minute, and repeat the whole cycle four more times for a total of five rounds.

Push press, 12 reps

Push-ups (either on your knees or your feet), 12 reps

Chest press, 12 reps

Plank with shoulder taps, 60 seconds

Bent-over row, 10 reps