Look For These 4 Important Qualities When You’re Shopping For a Protein Powder

Posted by Healthy Truth on Aug 3rd 2019

There are various uses of a healthy vegan protein powder. You can make a breakfast smoothie, snacks, and baked goods out of a good protein powder, and it’s the perfect thing to add to your daily routine when you’re falling short of whole-food protein. But not all protein powders are created equally. Some may seem like they’re super healthy, but they’re actually pretty bad for you. Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging and catchy one-liners. Just because something looks attractive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you.

Because there’s so much information out there, lots of it misleading, we’re going to walk you through the top qualities you should look for when you’re shopping for a vegan protein powder. And just as a reminder, you should stay away from whey protein at all costs. Animal-based protein powders are highly processed and there are many negative consequences (indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, acne, headaches, excess sugar intake, etc.) to consuming whey protein. So whenever you can, stick to the plant-based varieties. These are the top four characteristics to look for in your vegan protein powder.

Short List of Ingredients

You don’t need many ingredients in order to make a worthy protein powder. The longer the list of ingredients, the more likely there’s stuff in there you don’t need to be consuming. For example, Healthy Truth GO PRO Protein Powder Blend only has seven ingredients and they’re all organic. Plus, they’re all recognizable — pea protein powder, sprouted brown rice protein powder, cacao powder, etc. If there’s an ingredient you can’t pronounce or you don’t recognize on the nutrition label, you don’t need it.

20 Grams of Vegan Protein

If it doesn’t have at least 20 grams of protein, what’s the point? The whole point of a protein powder is so it replaces a meal’s worth of protein, and this is especially important after you’ve finished a tough workout. Be sure you’re getting all the nutrition you need with your protein powder. It’s common now to find powders that only have 10-15 grams of protein, and these are usually the products that are packed with extra sugar, artificial flavors, and additives that don’t belong there. Stick to a product that has 20 grams of protein and is only made with the highest quality of ingredients.

It Contains a Complete Protein

A complete protein is a food source of protein that contains each of the essential amino acids necessary in the human diet. Sachi inchi is a main ingredient in GO PRO Protein Powder Blend — and it’s a complete protein. It contains all eight essential amino acids that our bodies cannot create. It’s a seed protein that is 60 percent protein by weight, which is much higher than other seeds and nuts.

The Ingredients Are Bioavailable

If the ingredients aren’t bioavailable, your body won’t even absorb everything it needs to from the product. Biological value is the measure of the absorbed protein that actually becomes incorporated into the proteins of your body. Bioavailable protein is easily digestible and offers all the nutrients to you when you consume it. Check in with the brand you’re about to buy and make sure the protein is bioavailable to you. Our GO PRO Protein Powder Blend is highly assimilable and bioavailable!