Cancer Care Packages: Collaboration with Living {Cancer} Free Author Sara Quiriconi

Posted by Rachel Kaczynski on Dec 7th 2018

"You can give someone the power of giving a gift that's going to offer tidbits of health, inspiration, and hope which is what someone needs more than anything." -Sara Quiriconi, Living {Cancer} Free Author 

We're thrilled to partner with 15-year cancer survivor and author of Living {Cancer} Free, Sara Quiriconi, to create feel-good Cancer Care Packages.  

The Cancer Care Packages include Sara's life-changing book, Living {Cancer} Free, in addition to a number of our superfood powder and snacks. Sara explains that her story is not just for someone experiencing an actual diagnosis, but rather anyone seeking the light within their own darkness, or “cancers."

Have a friend or family member battling cancer? Surprise them with a Cancer Care Package of their own to give them some hope, inspiration and healthy superfood snacks. 

Learn more about Sarah through her interview with Do a Day Podcast here