6 Healthy Breakfast Foods That Will Turn You Into a Morning Person

Posted by Healthy Truth on Jun 1st 2019

The first meal of the day will set the tone for how you feel and how you function. Many of us with busy day-to-day lives are wondering how to get our hands on healthy breakfast food, especially when we’re in a rush. Sure, you could grab an egg muffin on the way to the office or a donut at the cafe on the corner of your street, but you know there are many negative consequences to stuffing your face with processed, packaged foods. You end up feeling sluggish and bloated, and if you keep up these habits in the long run, you might eventually end up gaining weight and developing symptoms of chronic diseases.

Healthy breakfasts don’t have to be a difficult task. With some knowledge and just a little bit of prep, you can conquer your mornings with a solid meal full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. And the cherry on top? Your breakfasts will be tastier than ever! Here are six healthy breakfast foods for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

Plant-Based Protein

Protein is a necessary part of your diet — and it should be a breakfast staple in your house. Your body uses protein to build tissue and muscle, to make enzymes and hormones, and to give you healthy skin and nails. Protein also takes longer to be processed in your body, so you stay fuller for longer, which means you’ll eat less throughout the day.

Plant-based protein is a fantastic way to start off your morning. You’ll feel energetic and it’ll be easier to concentrate on your work. A smoothie with plant-based protein powder is a tasty, healthy option for breakfast. Healthy Truth’s GO PRO Protein Powder Blend is the perfect solution. At only 150 calories per serving, you’ll get 20 grams of plant-based protein. It’s made with brown rice protein, sacha inchi protein, pea protein, monk fruit extract powder (full of antioxidants and it has no effect on your blood sugar), and cacao powder (which has 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries). Mix it with almond milk, fresh fruit, and ice and you’re all set!

Sprouted Nuts and Seeds

Raw or roasted nuts and seeds are the more popular variety you’ll see at the grocery store, but sprouted is better. Soaking nuts and drying them at a low temperature removes the phytic acid, preserves the integrity of the nutrients, and activates live enzymes. There are tons of benefits to eating sprouted nuts, and they can offer more energy than their raw or roasted counterparts.

Sprinkle some sprouted nuts onto your granola bowl or grab a pack of Healthy Truth Banana Protein Crunch. Made with sprouted sunflower seeds and dates, it’s a delicious breakfast to have with some almond milk or simply by itself.


This tropical fruit has many different uses, and if you can incorporate it into your breakfast, you’ll be all set for your day. Coconut and its short and medium chain fatty acids can improve heart and brain health, and it keeps sugar cravings at bay. Plus, it’s packed with fiber and can aid in digestion. Toss some coconut shreds into your smoothie or eat some healthy granola that’s made with coconut.


Whole foods are always the way to go. Fruit is high in dietary fiber, full of vitamins and minerals, and can protect you against many cancers and diseases. Plus, they can be eaten in a variety of ways. Slice some bananas on your granola or cereal, mix some blueberries into your smoothie, or grab a handful of dried fruit that’s free of preservatives and additives.


It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to the incredible list of benefits of turmeric. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric, and it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Turmeric is also linked to better brain function. You’ll be able to think clearer and accomplish more throughout your day. But the question is how to incorporate turmeric into your breakfast. GO GOLD Turmeric Lemonade Powder Blend is the perfect start. Mix it into your smoothie or just stir with almond milk or water and ice. Bonus: use it take all your vitamins and supplements!


Acai bowls are all the rage for good reason. The Acai berry is packed with antioxidants, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, essential amino acids, polyphenols, flavanoids, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and multiple different vitamins. Acai berries also absorb damaging free radicals and help support a healthy body weight. Mix some organic acai powder with ice and almond milk to make a smoothie bowl. Even better if it’s topped with fresh fruit and shredded coconut.