5 Foolproof Tips to Meal Prep Successfully For the Week

Posted by Healthy Truth on Jun 29th 2019

It’s hard to find the time to cook healthy meals when you’re so busy at work and managing a full personal life. Putting in the effort to meal prep for the week can be a pain in the neck. In fact, it’s all too easy to throw in the towel at the end of the day and order in some fast Chinese food. As good as it may taste, you’ll likely end up consuming an excess amount of calories, too much saturated fat, and a lot of sodium. This might result in brain fogginess, fatigue, and even weight gain.

This is why meal prepping is worth its weight in gold. No matter how busy your schedule is, there’s always time to meal prep for the week. We’re going to run you through some of our best tips to turn you into a meal prep expert. As long as you commit to making it happen, it will be a breeze — and you’ll be thrilled you did it. Follow these meal prep tips to set yourself up for a fantastic, healthy week.

Plan Your Recipes Ahead of Time

Pick one or two dishes to make for yourself that will last throughout the week. Browse through some options over the weekend and choose something you know you’ll want to eat pretty much every day. There are so many blogs and websites out there that have plenty of meal prep recipes for you to follow. And the best part is, you don’t need any cooking experience in order to make them happen.

Keep It Simple

When you’re choosing your meal prep recipes, stay away from the complicated stuff. Stay simple and choose dishes that don’t have multiple steps and ingredients. For example, it doesn’t make sense to cook quesadillas that require you to make sauce from scratch, chop up a ton of vegetables, cook the meat separately, etc. You need a one-stop-shop kind of recipe.

Some good ideas include roasted vegetables and sweet potato, one-bowl breakfast muffins, or easy salad bowls. And if you’re ever in a rush in the morning, just grab a bag of Healthy Truth Blueberry Hemp Protein Crunch. You can either eat it by itself, with some almond milk, or on top of dairy-free yogurt.

Do All Your Grocery Shopping During the Weekend

Instead of trying to scrounge last minute for the ingredients you need for the week, do it all in one go. Set aside an hour on Saturday or Sunday, bring you shopping list you prepared after you chose your recipes, and shop away. Make sure you’re stocked up on the essentials — fresh produce, complex carbohydrates, and clean, lean protein. Doing everything in one trip will reduce stress and help you prepare everything as efficiently as possible. Then when you get home you can start the cooking bonanza.

Plan Out Your Snacks in Addition to Your Meals

Sometimes meals aren’t enough. A few good things to have in your cabinet are protein powders, supplements, and snacks that will help you get through the day. If you don’t have these prepared, you might end up reaching for the junk food that will only make you feel like crap and negatively affect your overall health.

Stock your kitchen with on-the-go nosh you can grab or pack in your bag in order to hold you over until your next meal. Healthy Truth has a wide variety of options for you. Try the Vanilla Protein Energy Bar, Spicy Chipotle Nut Clusters, or GO PRO Protein Powder Blend.

Make Meal Prepping Fun

If you think about something as a chore, you won’t ever want to do it. Change your mindset about meal prepping. Make it a fun weekly habit — blast some music, invite friends over to help you out, do whatever you need to do to make it enjoyable. Our health is the most important thing in our life, and if we prioritize it and actually enjoy the process, it will be much easier to live, happy, healthy lives.