These Are the 4 Disappointing Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Eating Dairy

Posted by Healthy Truth on Jun 11th 2019

Milk, cheese, and butter were probably staples in your kitchen as you were growing up. It’s estimated that the average American consumes two cups of dairy each day, and in the year of 2012, the average American consumed 276 pounds of dairy. That included almost 199 pounds of fluid milk alone. But as popular as dairy may be amongst Americans, we have to ask ourselves whether dairy is bad for us and how much we should (or shouldn’t) be eating.

There’s been a lot of research lately suggesting that dairy might not be as healthy for us as we once thought. It might come as a shock, but there are quite a few negative benefits to consuming lots of dairy on a regular basis. Here are four reasons you should consider giving up milk, cheese, butter, etc.

It Could Decrease Your Bone Health

Remember all the “Got Milk?” campaigns we used to see when we were kids? The claim was that milk is full of calcium and would thus make your bones stronger. Well, it turns out the opposite is actually true. The British Medical Journal published a study showing that 96,000 people who drank a lot of milk as teenagers experienced more bone fractures than others who didn’t. Another study that tracked the stress fracture rates of young girls found that dairy didn’t prevent stress fractures at all.

The animal protein content in dairy is known to induce acidosis from the sulfur-containing amino acids, and this causes the body to take calcium from its own bones to help neutralizes the increased acidity. Bone health is likely to decline following this change in the body.

It’s Linked to Heart Disease and Cancer

Saturated fat is the kind that clogs your arteries, and dairy products like milk are some of the top sources of it. Diets that are high in saturated fat increase the risk of heart disease, which is a leading cause of death in America. Dairy is also associated with increased risk of prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer, especially for those who are lactose intolerance. Although there aren’t a vast number of studies linking dairy to heart disease and cancer, there are certainly enough to raise concern and function as a warning.

It Could Result in Digestive Issues

Did you know that most people are actually lactose intolerant? 95 percent of Asian Americans, 74 percent of Native Americans, 70 percent of African Americans, 53 percent of Mexican Americans, and 15 percent of Caucasians lack the enzyme necessary to break down lactose in cow milk. This will cause symptoms such as diarrhea, gas, bloating, and upset stomach. You might be surprised to learn that you’re allergic to dairy as well. It doesn’t hurt to get yourself tested and see if you should be cutting dairy out of your diet.

It Might Cause Acne

Dairy cows are treated generally treated with artificial hormones in order to produce the most milk possible from them. Researchers suggest that this might throw off your own hormonal balance when you consume milk, cheese, and yogurt regularly. Although the studies showing the link between dairy and acne aren’t numerous and they don’t suggest everyone will experience zits and pimples because of it, it’s definitely enough information to think twice about how much milk you’re putting into your coffee.

The Final Word

Our bodies don’t need dairy. Yes, it’s fun to eat mac ‘n cheese and pizza, but the overwhelming amount of information suggests that we’d be better off consuming small amounts of dairy — or giving it up entirely. Trade in your dairy snacks like yogurt or string cheese for a plant-based protein bar from Healthy Truth. Made with the highest quality vegan ingredients, it’s packed with 14 grams of protein for only 270 calories. It’s a fantastic replacement for the dairy products and will help you feel clear and energetic.