What Does Organic REALLY Mean, Anyway? Here’s the Info You Need Before You Go Shopping

Organic is one of the many buzzwords that come up in people’s heads when they go grocery shopping. We’re told that organic is better, that organic will help us live healthier lives, that organic will ...

Jun 4th 2019

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds + 3 Recipe Ideas!

Sunflower seeds are only good for baseball games, right? Think again! Although they may have been onto something, because sunflower seeds are an incredible source of Vitamin E and have high anti-in ...

Feb 25th 2019

Truthful Tuesdays: The Truth Behind Hidden Sugars with Live Free Warrior Sara Quiriconi

We at Healthy Truth are on a mission to make clean, healthy eating affordable and attainable to everyone. And a part of that mission is empowering you as the consumer to learn the truth behind the ...

Jan 15th 2019

Thanksgiving Recipe: Roasted Root Veggies with Sprouted Ceylon Cinnamon Nut Clusters

There's nothing like scratch-made food made with love to brighten the holidays. Impress your guests this Thanksgiving with these super easy vegan roasted root veggies, made with simple ingredients you ...

Nov 16th 2018

5 Energizing Snacks to Pack to Work

Do you hit the office vending machine for a candy bar every afternoon? On your third cup of coffee? Feeling downright exhausted?Trust us, we've been there. But we also know that settling for sugary fa ...

Oct 25th 2018

Our Team Chats Nutrition with New England Patriot's Matthew Slater!

We met up with New England Patriot's Matthew Slater to chat about nutrition, taking care of his body as a professional athlete, and his go-to Healthy Truth products!His favorite products to fight infl ...

Oct 15th 2018

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