Truthful Tuesdays: The Truth Behind Hidden Sugars with Live Free Warrior Sara Quiriconi

Posted by Rachel Kaczynski on Jan 15th 2019

We at Healthy Truth are on a mission to make clean, healthy eating affordable and attainable to everyone. And a part of that mission is empowering you as the consumer to learn the truth behind the ingredients you're putting in your body. 

With clean labeling and simple ingredients made from real foods, we say no thanks to the added sugars, processed food and fillers because you deserve better. 

Unfortunately, while there are many companies out there doing it right like Healthy Truth (not to toot our own horn or anything), there are also hundreds of packaged snacks laden with added sugars and processed ingredients — even those that claim to be "healthy." 

In this TRUTHFUL TUESDAYS video, our friend Sara Quiriconi, author of Living {Cancer} Free, gets real about the hidden sugars found in everyday foods. 

Hint: When in doubt, always read the label and opt for natural sweeteners like dates and fruit. Got a sweet tooth? Give our Organic Crunches a try. By using organic, raw coconut chips as a base in our crunches, we’re able to offer a clean, grain-free, low-sugar alternative to granola! Win, win, win.