Organic Raw Sprouted Rainforest Crunch (6-packs or 1 lbs)


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Taste the wonders of the Amazon rainforest! Rich, creamy brazil nuts blend perfectly with cashews to create the base. We then coat them in dates, vanilla and antioxidant-rich raw cacao for a decadent, smooth, chocolatey snack you'll love.


It's a 3 to 4 day process, but it's a labor of love! We soak our nuts in triple-filtered water to activate live enzymes (making them easier to digest) and then dehydrate them at very low temperatures to protect the integrity of their vital nutrients.The result? A light, airy, crunchy texture...perfection in flavor and nutrition.


Sprouted Brazil Nuts: Our Brazil Nuts have a smooth, buttery consistency and make for a delicious snack. These babies are loaded with selenium, which has been known to help fight inflammation and support thyroid function. Just a few will do ya!

Sprouted Cashew: Cashews are packed with vitamins & minerals, but we especially love them for their dietary fiber. They're also loaded with heart-healthy fatty acids!

Cacao Powder: We all love chocolate, and cacao is chocolate in its raw form! Not only does it taste delicious, but it's good for you as it's loaded with heart-healthy antioxidants & magnesium (which is known to help tame PMS symptoms). Put down that candy bar, we've got you covered!

Coconut Palm Sugar: Instead of using processed sugar, we opt for unbleached, unrefined coconut palm sugar which is a natural sugar derived from the coconut palm tree. We love that it has a low glycemic index, which helps control blood sugar spikes unlike regular table sugar.

Dates: Why use sugar when we can use one of nature's natural sweeteners: dates? Dates are loaded with essential minerals and a great source of fiber, which can help support digestion. We love them for their ability to help boost energy naturally!

All ingredients include: Sprouted Brazil nuts*, sprouted cashews*, dates*, cacao powder*, coconut palm sugar*, vanilla pod powder* (*indicates organic ingredient)


  1. Fun crunchy topper for cereal, oatmeal and smoothies
  2. Good source of vitamin C
  3. High in antioxidants and phytonutrients
  4. Contains essential fatty acids
  5. Mineral-rich Sprouted for optimal health benefits 


CONTAINS TREE NUTS (ALMONDS AND CASHEWS). May contain occasional date pit or nut shell fragment. Unpasteurized almonds may contain occasional bitters which are not harmful to consume.

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