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Corporate Programs

Corporate Snacking Program

For the health, welfare and productivity of your employees and the bottom line of your company

The standard American Diet can lead to health-related issues that cost companies both time and money. Providing your employees with nutritious snacks and encouraging better eating habits will protect your bottom line. Our snacks are raw, sprouted, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and the finest hand-crafted snacks on the market.

Imagine a superfood, not a drug, powerful enough to potentially help lower your cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, and for an added bonus, put you in a better mood with no side effects. At Organic Living Superfoods, we believe that a healthy diet incorporating a variety of our organic superfoods, may help you maintain healthy weight, promote good health and live longer.

By offering healthy snacks as an employee perk, you can help your business benefit from:

  • Increased motivation and productivity
  • Less absenteeism and days off due to illness
  • Reduced medical expenses
  • Greater teamwork and camaraderie, because snack time draws people away from their desks to a communal area

PLUS, during cold and flu seasons, nutritious and immunity boosting snacks like nuts, energy squares, and dried fruits can help reduce co-worker susceptibility to contagious illnesses

We offer a ready-to-display box of 72 snacks delivered to your business. Choose up to 12 varieties from the following categories:

Life’s Nuts: Hand-crafted unique flavor profiles, sprouted flavored nuts

Mix it Up: Sprouted unique Trail mixes, from spicy to sweet, to savory

Life by Chocolate: Our chocolate is simply the finest

Energy Squared: Slow release sustained energy without the sugar crash

Crunch Time: Our nut crunches are made from the finest ingredients available, least ingredients possible

Nothing but the Fruit: Simply stated, dried fruit with no sulfur or sugar, aside from what Mother Nature has added


Contact Us to Discuss Healthy Snacking For Your Office

72 piece Corporate Snack Box = $214.00

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