About us

Healthy Truth (previously known as Organic Living Superfoods) is a manufacturer and distributor of clean, honest, plant-based superfood snacks, powders, and bars. Our story began in a home kitchen in Walpole, MA with a single dehydrator and a few guys on a mission to create the most delicious and healthy snacks the world has ever tasted -- and we haven’t stopped experimenting since.

Healthy Truth stands for clean labels and telling the truth about what we put into our products. That’s why everything is made with minimal ingredients, without refined sugars or fillers and you will never find anything processed.

Our mission is to make healthy, plant-based snacks accessible to as many people as possible. You’ll notice that while many of our products are still organic, we also offer a variety of all-natural, more affordable options without sacrificing quality or flavor.

Thank you so much for supporting our mission, we are so grateful for our community! "You deserve to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Healthy Truth!"

Learn more about what Healthy Truth stands for in this quick video: