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Customer FAQs

Q. Can I combine coupon codes and rewards points?

A. Only one type of promo or offer can be used at a time. This ensures that Healthy Truth can maintain sustainable operations. The rewards points are designed to be used outside of regular promo periods for loyal customers who have earned their discounts over time.

Q. What is your sprouting method? I thought sprouted almonds have "tails"?

A. Our nuts are soaked long enough to wash away anti-nutrients such as phytic acid to make the nuts more bioavailable and easy to digest. Raw nuts contain these anti-nutrients that prevent the body from assimilating the nutrients found in nuts due the lack of the enzyme phytase in the human body. So, we soak long enough to wash this anti-nutrient away, but not long enough for the nuts to grow a tail. We then dry them at low temperatures to activate living enzymes and to maintain nutrients that naturally occur.

Q. At what temperature you dehydrate the nuts?

A. The nuts are dried at temperatures ranging from 115 to 119 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain the nutritional integrity and activated live enzymes of the nut.

Q. I thought raw almonds are no longer allowed to be sold in this country without being pasteurized first. Where do you your almonds come from?

A. Our premier almonds hail from Valencia, Spain and are grown at the base of a volcano in mineral rich soil. In the US, we can import truly raw almonds but we can not purchase truly raw almonds that emanate from the US.

Q. I had a bitter almond in my bag that tasted terrible! Is there something wrong?

A. Although unpleasant, these almonds are perfectly safe and healthy. Per federal regulations truly raw almonds that emanate from the USA can not be sold. Our almonds are grown in Valencia, Spain. European almonds do contain, on average, .05% to 1% bitters. Sprouting is a laborious process and roasting would eradicate these bitters but that would defeat the purpose.

Q. Where do you source your Matcha tea powder from?

A. Our Matcha is grown in the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan

Q. How much matcha tea should I use?

A. Use a 0.5 to 1 teaspoon for 8 ounces of liquid.

Q. Do you test for heavy metals in your Matcha?

A. Yes. Our matcha is grown and harvested in the traditional manner and is far below what the FDA allows for heavy metal content. We do test for heavy metals and require Certificates of Analysis with every batch.

Q. There was residue at the bottom of my cup after drinking your Matcha Tea, why?

A. To enjoy your matcha without residue, you must whisk the matcha in a bowl with a small wooden (preferably) or metal whisk and then pour into a cup. This will help it dissolve completely. Enjoy!

Q. Is the confectioner's glaze used in the chocolate vegan?

A. Yes. The confectioners glaze is made from non-GMO corn, no insects here! Ever.

Q. Does your Turmeric Root Powder retain the curcumin in processing?

A. Yes! The root undergoes a high-pressure process and then low heat drying to maintain integrity of beneficial ingredients.

Q. Do you dry the fruits yourself?

A. No. We partner with the best quality organic farms from around the world.

Q. In manufacturing, can products be contaminated or mixed?

A. We source our products from all of the best farms from all over the world. There is no cross-contamination in any of our products and all of our nuts are sprouted for optimal assimilation of nutrients and digestibility

Q. My sacha inchi seeds taste fishy. Is this normal?

A. They do naturally have a fishy taste due to the high content of omegas

Q. Is your packaging recyclable?

A. Yes!! We love Mother Earth.

Q. Why can’t I find the White Chocolate Cashews, Almonds & Cacao Nibs?

A. We discontinued this product, unfortunately.

Q. Are the strawberries NOT organic?

A. Correct. The name of the product and ingredients clearly state that the product is not organic "Raw NATURAL Dried Strawberries". We take care to vet our farms and work closely with them to assure that our standards are met, which are much more stringent than the USDA. We also require Certificates of Analysis on every product we source to independently determine if the quality is up to our standards.

Q. I still have a question!

A. Please contact us or email us at info@healthytruth.com