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Fill the snack void with the EPS Snacking Program!

Missing calories each day/week/month? Eating snacks with "bad" calories? All of this and more can stop your progress in it's tracks!

Professional athletes such as Charlie Coyle, Nate Solder, Matthew Slater and Rob Ninkovich rely on Healthy Truth products to perform their best. Our products are expertly crafted to provide healthy, delicious snacks that boost energy, aid in recovery and help fight inflammation. See the benefits of our products here.

We have worked with Brian McDonough at EPS to specially craft the below monthly package options of snacks and protein bars to fuel your performance. Our full-service subscription program takes the stress out of finding healthy, protein-packed snacks to have throughout the day.

Questions? Want to customize a monthly package? Call/text/email Nicole Poli, EPS Athlete Liaison at Healthy Truth at nicole@healthytruth.com or 508-612-0618. Already have a subscription? Login here.