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Organic Raw Goldenberries


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Incan goldenberries (also known as Cape Gooseberries ) are considered among health enthusiasts to be the "Goji Berry of South America." They actually exceed the goji berry in one area of nutrition: they contain 2 to 3% more protein on average. This is an extraordinary level of protein for a fruit - and a great source for people who don't care to get their protein from animal or meat source.

Goldenberries have a pleasing, sweet flavor and an explosive tart tang - and ours are soft and fresh.

They have been growing in mineral rich soils in the Peruvian Andes for thousands of years, and it takes approximately 6 pounds of fresh fruit to make 1 pound of dry berries. Traditionally, they have been used to help with a variety of health ailments including asthma, gastrointestinal upset, edema, various skin conditions, throat issues, optic nerve disorders, and intestinal parasites.

Incan berries are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. They are high in vitamin C and vitamin A, potent immune-boosters and antioxidants required by more than 300 metabolic functions in the body. They are also considered to be a good source of Secretory IgA, a plant antibody that also helps support the immune system. They are also rich in B-complex vitamins (specifically B1, B2, B6, and B12) which help to reduce stress, improve memory, boost metabolism, reduce fatigue, and even help relieve PMS symptoms. The goldenberry's high amounts of phosphorus is also vital (in combination with calcium) for the growth and strengthening of bones and teeth.

Incan berries offer high levels of bioflavanoids, also known as Vitamin P. Studies on bioflavanoids have demonstrated they possess anti-sclerotic, antiviral, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and antioxidant properties. Foods high in bioflavanoids play a vital role in nutrient absorption and detoxification. Incan berries also contain high levels of pectin, which has been long known for its ability to regulate flow of food through the digestive tract, and they help to lower cholesterol too.

Goldenberries are a great snack by themselves, or you can add them to sauces for desserts, use to make elixirs, or add to trail mixes, salads and dressings. We even offer goldenberries covered in organic dark chocolate! They are an entirely guilt free superfood, always working overtime to improve your health - and they have a mildly sweet taste and powerfully tangy punch that creates an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

♥ Raw ♥ Organic ♥ Gluten-Free ♥  Dairy-Free ♥ Vegan ♥ Delicious ♥  

INGREDIENTS: Organic raw goldenberries

++Processed in a facility with nuts

Country or Origin: Peru or Columbia 

Our products contain no sulfites, added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors

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